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(dialogues concerning happiness)

During the end of 2015 I went through a phase of depression.

In those months I was asked to take part to an exhibition for the neurotitan gallery, in Berlin.

The theme of the exhibition was "exploring visuals".

After breaking down the title I asked myself what exploring means: discover something that one didn't know yet or that was forgotten.

The land I didn't have memory of, the thing that was for me the most unknown in that moment was one: Happiness.

In the process I was shocked thinking about what I connected to happiness: sex, love (in a romantic way), friends, family, home, money. They were all things belonging to the outer world. I realized I lost any connection with my innerself. I became a projection of the world around me.

This is what the project is talking about: the projection inside myself of the element of happiness, or better of the terrors that were not allowing me to find peace. I had to declare it. An act of honesty.

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